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Meet Srini

Though an entrepreneur by profession and an engineer by education, Shrinivasa Sharma is essentially  a digital marketer at heart. Every project he spearheads is guaranteed to reflect the best of all three of these realms. His drive to stay ahead of the crowd, meticulousness for everyday experimentation, and passion for innovation are what have molded him into one of the most perceptive and hardworking thought leaders in the digital space.

Acknowledged as “Srini” by his team members and peers, he is considered a leading strategic guru who can help brands determine “what’s in” and tailor their marketing models to stay relevant, engaging and impactful across all social media channels. His most sought-after strength is his mastermind for pivoting according to the market shifts, keeping in mind consumer behavior and brand requirement.

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Srini’s journey as a strategist began in 2001, when he joined Netkraft Inc. as a Pre-sales Consultant. In 2002, he became a part of GrayMatterIndia Software Services as the Head of Marketing. Later he went on to don multiple roles including VP Marketing, VP Sales, Co-founder Growth Marketer and Mentor in some of the top-tier companies in India. In 2013, along with Dikshant Dave, CEO, he co-founded CureJoy Inc. and Homebliss—the rest is history. Till date, both CureJoy and Homebliss continue to be the most-engaged digital marketing communities in their respective fields of holistic health and interior decoration.

Based in Bangalore, India, all of Srini’s time is split between two of his greatest  loves—his wonderful family and his fervour for cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. He also happens to be a gifted photographer who loves capturing macro shots of nature and the poignant moments with his family on camera. 

Given the success of his digital marketing endeavors, Srini has decided to extend his expertise to those in search of the “magic formula” for community building and growth hacking.


Ryan Valles, Founder@ Interview Kickstart

Srini is a very competent growth marketeer and has an especially deep understanding of how to drive growth using Social Networks. He is able to tie in data as well as an innate understanding of the customer. Few, if any, have been able to drive social scale for a brand at the heights Srini has managed.


Gary Schofield, VP@SMB Merchant Solutions

Srini was a pleasure to work with. He approaches every day with a positive can-do attitude, and has a tremendous ability to prioritize and focus on the right tasks needed to drive the business forward. I could always count on Srini to deliver on his goals and exceed my expectations. 

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Ready for a Quick Chat?

If you are looking to make the next right move for your brand, then you have come to the right place. Schedule a  consultation call and I will get in touch with you to take the conversation further. Looking forward to it!

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