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My Blog

Dear Friends,

Finally, I have decided to start blogging and that is going to be  one of my key agenda for 2013. As usual, i will limit this blog to photography related articles, tutorials, workflows, reviews and tips.  I will try to be regular as much as I can.   To start with,  i am going to pick my top 25 favorite clicks of 2012 and try to write few words on each of them.  Going to be really tough task!!

Wish you all a very happy new year.

Love & Regards,





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2012 - My top 25 Clicks

Here is my 25 favorite shots of 2012.   Though my original theme for 2012 was Floral abstracts, i ended up doing more Floras & portraits.  I will try to explore abstract world in 2013.  2012 was a quite satisfying year, I learned & practiced managing lights for portraits and continued my Flora work.   Have a look, drop your comments, suggestions & feedback.    Happy new year :)



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My Post Processing Workflow - Flora and Macros

Most common question i am asked is about my post processing techniques and tools I use.  Finally, I got some time to write it and here is my macro post-processing steps.

You can download PDF version of this here.

  1. Raw level screening -  After I transfer images to PC, i do a 1st level screening of images based on certain parameters and selects a final set of images which I think are good and should be processed.
  2. Raw level processing ( WB Correction , Exposure Adjustment ,Raw Level sharpening, Highlight/ Shadow/Color tone adjustment)
  3. TIFF 16 Bit / 300 DPI Conversion -  After RAW processing files are converted to TIFF 16BIT format for Photoshop level processing.
  4. In Photoshop, resize the file based on need ( Print Processing -  1200X1800, 16 bit,  Web Processing -   900 X 600, 16 bit )
  5. Noise Reduction – Only if needed
  6. Color Correction, brightness, saturation, hue adjustments
  7. Creative Sharpening
  8. Output Sharpening (Print/Web)
  9. Convert the file to 8 BIT, TIFF
  10. JPEG Conversion – For print -  Depending on your printer support, attach particular printer profile.  Check your printer manual or ask your lab.    For web, follow sRGB ICC profile.   If you want to retain EXIF, then use save as JPEG else you can use Photoshop’s direct “Save as Web” option.
  11. Digital Signature using SignMyImage
  12. Back up your Raw, TIFF & Final JPEG files.


Tools/Techniques I use:

1.    Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) – For my RAW processing
2.    Photoshop CS5 – Advanced Processing
3.    Viveza 2.0 – Color Correction, brightness, saturation, hue adjustments
4.    For sharpening – Lab Sharpening
5.    iCorrect Edit Lab Pro – Color Correction
6.    Silver Efex 2.0 -  B/W Conversion
7.    SignMyImage -  for Digital Signature
8.    Topaz Tools/ Nik efex Pro – On need basis
9.    Few Photoshop custom plugins
10.  X-Rite i1Display 2  - Monitor Calibration

If you need some more detailed version, do email me at  Srini@Shrinis.com